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Digital Gold Bullion Coins

The Crypto Mint is pioneering the production of the world’s first digital gold bullion coins

Our embedded NFTs are asset backed by physical gold in the form of trusted and redeemable PAX Gold tokens

Each digital bullion coin is backed by one fine troy ounce of London Good Delivery gold

Gold Bullion Collection 0.25oz

Primus Gold Bullion PAXG eNFT Coin

The world's first digital Gold Bullion coin

Our premier gold bullion coin collection
Each coin on the collection is embedded with 0.25 PAXG Gold token
The Crypto Mint's Asset Backed NFT is the safest way to own gold

What is an eNFT?

An embedded NFT (eNFT) is an extension of the ERC-721 NFT protocol allowing for the NFT to be embedded with a digital crypto token. This allows the mint’s NFTs to exhibit the same properties as traditional bullion coins.

Each NFT is embedded with precious metal backed crypto tokens that confer digital ownership to the equivalent physical gold or silver stored in secure vaults at the Perth Mint. This physical precious metal is fully redeemable by burning the NFT and the payment of a small delivery fee.

The NFT now bestows the holder with an enforceable legal claim to take custody of the physical gold with a built-in authentication system and insurance framework, allowing true digital ownership with confidence and trust.

eNFTs are made possible by The Crypto Mint's smart contracts allowing bullion coins to migrate onto the blockchain and become true digital assets.
What is an eNFT?

How It Works

Bullion coins minted from precious metals retain a melt value determined by the market price of the precious metal content.

eNFT coins minted by The Crypto Mint similarly have a floor value. This is the value of the crypto currency embedded inside.

The eNFTs within a collection are all represented on a smart contract deployed to the blockchain.

This can be confirmed by looking at the address of the contract on BSCScan. The balance of the address of the contract matches the face value of the coins in that collection x the number of coins minted.